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THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS ABYSMAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. This is not AN stray incident. During this entire work, I take ne'er waited less than 1 hour and 20 transactions for a voice. That is A PROBLEM! Secondly, Paypal’s overseas agents either don’t bed what they are doing or ar incredibly tactless. I can’t start to say you how frustrating IT is to portion out with them. You are nowadays hierarchical with ebay and Comcast at the penetrate of the barrel regarding your client serve and something needs to live done. I take my have websites and I AM deleting the Paypal option and animated exclusively to Square. I take ne'er had a problem with torrentino games a vendee simply I certainly would non require them to experience what I take older sol I discontinued the Papal pick and indicated wherefore in my site. I will also publicly further others to do the same until and unless the problems are once and for all solved.

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