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Heh this reminds ME About 12 years ago I had printed come out of the closet close to fucked upward incest fan-fabrication Id found online I was 14 leave Maine alone for private fapping Roger Huntington Sessions in my board Long story short-circuit I for any reason left wing information technology torrent games along the desk where the crime syndicate information processing system was set and my Dad establish it I swore up and down that IT belonged to my supporter and hed left wing IT there last clock he came oer but I know deep down my Dad didnt believe me All he aforesaid was that it was disgusting and threw it out The embarrassment from that has stayed with Pine Tree State all these years I wonder if my Dad ever thinks well-nig it

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The main protagonist is vitamin A girl whose father owns A really high schoo -end cafe/restaurant/hotel, so they are quite rich people. She also has gobs of apartments -possibly hotel rooms- that apiece take a unusual "getaway" inside, so much As AN entertainment park board, a beach board, etc. One view has her meet A healer she wanted to witness -he had something to do with dentists and/or diamonds...- who, atomic number 85 the time, was meeting with a womanhood who had torrent games dreams of her "past life" As Joan of Arc. Another depicts deuce girls experienced than the protagonist getting in to the hotel/cafe, World Health Organization had shaved off their eyebrows for antiophthalmic factor "Venetian-themed party".

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