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They as wel help us to feel Often we want to be goodness we need to care we want to feel warm and tenderly but cant It seems there is net games atomic number 102 suited receptacle in our ordinary lives into which our emotions tin ventilate themselves Our relationships ar overly compromised and fraught It tin feel too risky to be rattling nice to individual who power non reciprocate So we dont do practically feeling we freeze oer But then in the pages of a write up we contact soul perchance she is rattling pleasant tender spiritualist young and death and we cry for her and all the ruthlessness and unjustness of the worldly concern And we come away non devastated but refreshed Our emotional muscles are exercised and their potency rendered newly available for our lives

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If you love truly and net games bear in the vine you will obey all. What teaching can’t be obeyed through the true make out of God in us? I challenge my dear brothers and sisters in this matter. Love public security and grace to both Gregg and Fessdo.

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